Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Web Developer - Awesome Extension for firefox

I was looking for web developer tool for firefox which aids in designing web pages especially with monitors of different resolutions. I knew about a developer toolbar provided by Microsoft for IE but I was looking for a similar extension for firefox when I stumbled upon Web Developer extension for firefox.

I just downloaded the latest version for Mozilla firefox.
It's awesome!!!

A decent summary of features:

  • Dynamic updating of css of a given page
  • Images: show their paths, sizes, point out images with no 'alt' attributes, etc.
  • All types of page info (cookies, headers, more...)
  • Utils to clear cache, session cookies, javascript debugger
  • Helpful outlining: like outlining all block elements
  • Resize the browser window to various resolutions
  • Validation : HTML/XHTML, css, validating of link...
  • Disabling of images, javascript, ...
  • Links to specifications: css1, css2, HTML, XHTML, DOM...
  • Manipulating Forms ... various utilities

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